Pink Garlic Takeaway & Table Menu

Pink Garlic Specials

Something to investigate! These dishes are not to be missed as they have been created by our chef’s vast knowledge of food from the Asian subcontinent.

63. Sobuj Sahana
Succulent pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in a variety of fresh herbs, spices, crushed garlic, ginger, green chillies and lemon juice. Sharp and hot.
64. Manaasi
Chicken or lamb tikka delicately marinated with authentic spices, barbecued and glazed. Infused with mustard seeds, herbs and spices to produce an exotic mouth watering sauce.
65. Peshwari Dum Gosht
Tender chunks of lamb cooked on a slow fire with yoghurt, onions and freshly grounded spices. Sealed in a pot, with a homemade bread.
66. Gorchi Shanks
Tender lamb shanks cooked in a delightfully medium sauce with chefs special spices.
67. Hash Bash
Grilled duck in a blend of fresh spices and herbs with bamboo shoot in a spicy thick sauce
68. Kata Mitha
Boneless duck cooked with almonds, coconuts and cream in a sweet and sour sauce.
69. Crab Mango
A mix of mango and crabmeat, in a mild creamy sauce,
delicately prepared to give a mouth-watering taste.
70. Pakheeza
Ostrich steaks marinated in fresh herbs an spices, grilled in clay oven and served with salad and spicy potato wedges.



N.B allergies and special diets
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