Something to investigate! These dishes are not to be missed as they have been created by our chef’s vast knowledge of food from the Asian subcontient.

47.Beef Wellington (Medium & Spicy)
Chunks of Irish beef cooked with natco spice, garlic, coriander & pieces of potatoes
48.Peshwari Dum Gosht (Hot & Tasty)
Tender chuncks of lamb cooked on a slow fire with yoghurt, onions and freshly ground spices. Sealed in a pot, with a homemade bread.
49.Sali (Medium)
Large pieces of chicken or lamb cooked in special marinade topped with home made crispy potato chips.
50.Mazban (Chicken or Meat)
Favourite Bangladeshi party foods chick or meat. Handi cooked in Madras type Desi Style minced garlic & mixed spice with chana Dal & coriander.
51.Lamb Shank
Tender lamb shanks cooked in a delightfully medium sauce with chef's special spices & minced meat & fresh herbs.
52.Nepali Chilli Chicken (Medium to Hot)
A sweet, sour & hot dish with garlic, mixed peppers, green chilli, red onions and curry leaf.